Essential riding clothes and protective gear

essential riding gear

essential riding gear

Whether you’re a jumper or a recreational rider, don’t go out without a proper riding attire.  A good riding outfit is an essential part for riding comfortable and avoiding injuries. Let’s take a look on some tips we provide on safe and fashionable riding clothes and protective gear.





Tips for good riding clothes

Always wear clothes that not only fits you well, but also protects your arms and legs.  Try to prevent clothing folds, so choose for quality fabric which fit smooth to your skin. Good undergarment will protect you from blisters and chafing. Proper riding breeches and socks are also recommended.

As much as we like these, don’t put on sneakers while riding, use boots or jodphurs instead. Without a proper heal, you can get stuck in the stirrups if you fall off. Not to mention if your horse opens a friendly fire on you by standing on your toes…


breechesfullseat jumping riding boots with stirrups breechesbeigeprint


Depending on your riding style, a good pair of pants and boots will give you a firm sit in the saddle and offer you protection. Riding boots always have a heel so you can’t slip through the stirrup while riding. In addition, the soles should be smooth, so if you fall off, you don’t get stuck in the stirrup. However, experienced jumpers among us, may want to choose a grip-soled boot. Be sure you use safety stirrups with those.

Good quality boots are expensive but if you take some time you can get a great bargain. Try shopping second hand, especially for kids you will find a huge amount, because many young riders do not persevere after trying out for a short time. Obviously, also check the outlet and sale section of your favourite store to find great discounts. Unless you are the trendsetting type, you don’t need to buy the latest collections.

Some people save their long boots for competition and shows and prefer short boots with (half)chaps for day to day use and yard work. Good leather chaps on jodphur boots give comfort and security, but long boots provide more stablility and support your ankle better, but good leather chaps give comfort and security. Check out these beautiful chaps by Dyon and Ovation.


half boot chaps measure table bootsovationhalfchaps redbordeauxchaps

** Very useful: This size table we found at Derbyhouse helps you picking the right size.


Additional Protective Riding Gear

Can prevent serious head injuries, not only when falling, but think about all those low branches you pass by when riding outside. In many countries, a riding helmet is required to participate in a competition or event. In addition, most riding schools also oblige their students to wear a hat.

The classic traditional helmet look a bit conservative , but nowadays you can purchase all kinds of riding hats and helmets which look very fashionable to me.

ridinghat ridinghatforjuniorsblue velvet riding hat

Make sure you buy the right hat, which is comfortable and adjustable to you head and around the chin.  Never buy a second hand helmet, unless you know it has never been used. On the right a blue colored high quality cap by Charles Owen. With adjustable chinband and Italian velvet on top! Also available in black, brown and green. The pink helmet is just too cute! Take a look at

Gloves are also a part of your riding attire. These are meant for good grip and keep your hands warm. Also very fashionable! In most riding shows and competitions, gloves are required to wear. Here are some examples we found on

handschoenenlamsleer  riding gloves roecklglovesmountainhorse



We found a huge collection of protective gear for horse and rider at The Saddle Shop:


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