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For many years Dutch brand Petrie offers high quality riding boots. This season their collection is inspired by the balance of beauty and comfort. Most of their riding boots look very classy and sophisticated, yet still have a perfect fit. The high quality leather will soften after you break the boots in. Most of these boots are all-season, will keep you warm in winter and are comfortable in the summer.

dressage boots petrie riding boots laceddressage boots

Dressage riding boots: from the left to right, Athene, which has a zipper in front, the Superieur with laces and the exclusive Anky Elegance. which is a bit firmer on the outside. Available in different colours and types of leather.

jumping riding boots petriejump

For jumpers among us, check out these! Available in brown and black leather and more slender compared to other boots., On the left, type Stockholm, made of Italian leather and on the right a typical sporty boot. These jumping boots have a firm padding at the back of the heel.






suede riding bootsriding boots freetimePetriedublin



The Dublin Summer is an all round riding boot, made of soft leather and a sparkling look. For wearing in freetime, Petrie designed very comfortable boots made of nubbuck and suede.






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  • brenn

    Wonderful, i still love My petrie dressage boots.