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Country style fashion wear


For me, it will always be a classic must-have; the tweed jacket. And luckily, over the last few years we have seen it has gained more popularity. Not only at equestrian shows but also on the main road. Still quite expensive though, because the cloth is made of pure fine quality wool. Very durable on the other hand and because it really ís a classic, a tweed jacket can last a lifetime and will not easily be put on the ‘don’t-s  list by trendhunters…



tweed2015 outdoor country styleequestrianthemed


Preppy, warm and gentle

Main colours used in tweed clothing are still the classic conservative earthy tones. Green, brown and sometimes blue. But in my opinion it never gets dull or old fashioned. Preppy seems to be a more suitable word which is nowadays also a common clothing style or may I say a fashion trend?!

From the 90s we see a lot of designers being influenced by the traditional preppy lifestyle of upper class high society. They seem to be inspired by the elegant, sophisticated look inherent to equestrian clothing.


preppy college look  tommy girl tweed jacket

Tommy Hillfiger has made beautiful preppy styled collections often inspired by the equestrian lifestyle. Good quality clothing at a reasonable price. I love their campaigns and fotoshoots to promote the new collections. I think these shots are from 2009 or ’10. The tweed outfit looks amazing and would be very trending even these days.




Tweed in today’s fashion collections

So fast forward to 2015,  we see some major equestrian brands bring back the tweed back in their collection. Not only for on the racing track but also to be worn outside the ring. For jumpers, hunters and  there is a wide variety of colours and style and attire, so you can pick out you desire.  Here are some examples of today’s tweed fashion we have found in store.

tweedmencompetition hollandcoopermanwomantweed equetechoutfit

On the left a tweed competition jacket; Classic style, grey tanned and a bit wide on the shoulder. On the right a wonderful green tweed riding jacket by Equetech. The jacket comes in different colours and patterns.

Top quality can be expected from English manufacturer Holland Cooper. This season they have an exquisite collection of jackets, hats and dresses. Each coat is hand cut and made from the finest wool and suede. Check their website for more awe and inspiration:

On the pictures below, from the same designers, a tweed and cable knit hat to complement your attire.


tweedhatlifestyle Tweed hat cableknithat



Shop these at:

 Tweed hat by Equetech

Cable knit hat by HollandCooper



  • katie

    I want a jacket but why are the soooo expensive?!

  • Peter

    Nice to read, I do agree, a tweed outfit is very classy!